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New Year, Who Dis? Exploring Our Political Grounding: Intersectionality

Law for Black Lives and Black Youth Project 100 (BYP100) are excited to co-host a webinar on Black Queer Feminism and its implications for law and organizing. The Webinar is the first instalment of Law for Black Lives three part series focused on grounding our work and practices in our politics. Resulting from decades of work by organizers, academics and practitioners the Black Queer Feminist lens has gained popularity in movement, academic and organizing spaces. A Black Queer feminist lens demands a recognition that all of our fates are intertwined and that racism, patriarchy and capitalism must all be reckoned with to ensure the dignity of any of us.  This webinar will explore the meaning, history, practice and implications of Black Queer Feminism. We will be joined by a powerhouse panel including Kathy Cohen, Charlene Carruthers, Raquel Willis and Andrea Ritchie.

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