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About the Cohort

We are so excited to be launching our Clinical Cohort this Fall! We are incredibly grateful to be working with 18 law clinics and 7 movement actors to co-create resources for national and local campaigns and build sustainable relationships between movement actors, law clinic students, and professors. Our clinical cohort is a one to two semester long program. It is a partnership between Law for Black Lives, 16 law school clinics and local and national movement organizations. We are working with law clinics to provide resources for organizers who are engaged in campaigns to end money bail and pretrial detention; organizers who are fighting for and implementing community land trusts, and movement actors who are creating resources for reparations campaigns.

This semester we will work to leverage legal and academic institutions to support the needs of local and national movement organizations by co-developing resources (including research, policy and data analysis, popular education and model legislation) to support ongoing campaigns. It is equally important that we provide opportunities for clinical students and professors to build relationships with movement actors and ground clinical students and professors in the theory, practice and politics of movement lawyering.