Our Work

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End Money bail 

Law for Black Lives provides legal support, policy support and referral services to grassroots groups across the country who are working to end money bail and create alternative systems to support our people in crisis.  In addition, we serve as the co-project coordinators of the National Bail Out, a collective formation of Black organizers who are committed to building a community based movement to end pretrial detention and ultimately mass incarceration.


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Law for Black Lives supports the Movement for Black Lives' work on corporate and government reparations by providing research support to the Movement For Black Lives Policy Table. We  recognize reparations are essential and believes that without a recognition or attempt to repair the harm created by current and past policies, we are doomed to perpetuate and re-entrench harm to black communities. We are working with clinical professors to develop a toolkit that will help organizers explore the legal mechanisms for reparations and lift up existing and past organizing efforts.

If you are interested in supporting our reparations research or connecting with Movement for Black Lives groups in your area who are working on reparations campaigns,  please email Marbre at marbre@law4blacklives.org.


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Law for Black Lives has been working with local and national partners to lift up the Invest-Divest framework. Invest- Divest is the idea that as we enact reforms, we divest from punitive institutions, such as the police, jails, and courts and invest in the supportive services our people need, such as transportation, education, and health. Last year, we co-authored the Freedom to Thrive Report with Center for Popular Democracy and BYP100, detailing the local budgets of 12 jurisdictions, in order to showcase the disproportionate amount of money being spent on policing as opposed to much needed services.  

This year we will be continuing our research on local jails and working with groups across the country to build out local budget analyses. If you are interested in either starting a campaign locally or getting involved in research, Please email Marbre at marbre@law4blacklives.org.