L4BL's October Webinar: Reproductive Justice 


Emergency Webinar: Best Practices for Providing Legal Support to Protesters 

L4BL's August Webinar: Participatory Defense & Democratizing Access to the Criminal Justice System 


L4BL's July Webinar: A Deep Dive into the Freedom to Thrive Report and Invest/Divest Campaigns 

L4BL's May Webinar: Bailouts & Bail Reform: Debrief of Mama’s Bailout and How We End Money Bail


L4BL's April Webinar: Discussion of policing and consent decrees under Sessions' DOJ

Discussion of consent decrees under the Session/Trump administration. Also discussed the history of policing, and the impact of Session's memo on our communities.


L4BL'S March Webinar: Discussion on the History of Lawyering during Social Justice Movements with Soffiyah Elijah. 

(Interview begins at the 28:00 mark)

Partial recording of L4BL's first national webinar for 2017. L4BL connected with lawyers, legal workers, and law students to build community and discuss how the legal community can support advocacy efforts. The webinar covered the legal implications of the current administration's executive orders, the role of the legal community in times of resistance, and the work that lawyers are currently doing on the ground.