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Law For Black Lives  is a national  network of radical lawyers, law students, and legal workers of color committed to building the power of the Black Lives Matter movement. Formed out of the uprisings in Ferguson & Baltimore, we use the law to embolden, defend and protect the growing movement for Black liberation.  L4BL started in 2015, as a 2-day convening organized by Center for Constitutional Rights along with a steering committee of visionary legal thinkers. The success of the convening made it clear that the time is now to build a legal arm for the movement for Black lives. 

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Are you a lawyer, legal worker or organizer fighting to dismantle harmful systems and create new possibilities for our communities? Are you working with community groups to reimagine safety or to create bold alternatives to our current systems? Are you looking for a community to support your work?

Law For Black Lives is offering a 6-month fellowship for legal workers, lawyers, and organizers to build community and accelerate the impact, scale, reach, and depth of movement lawyering in Black communities. This year’s fellowship will focus on individuals or organizations working towards divestment from exploitative forces including prisons, police, surveillance and fossil fuels and investment in long term community based strategies for safe, sustainable communities. Fellows receive funding, training and community to turn their ideas into a reality and help build the necessary infrastructure to support transformative social change.

Learn more about this year’s fellowship and how to apply below. Applications are due June 17th, 2019.

School in the Summertime?! Yes, but with amazing organizers and lawyers as teachers and subjects that you actually need in real life. All summer we will be bringing you webinars that explore some of the most interesting movements happening right now. Starting in June with Reparations, July will focus on Buying Back the Block and August will be about The Criminalization of Organizing. You won’t want to miss these. Learn more about each webinar and register today!

To kick off our summer School Webinars, Law for Black Lives is partnering with the Movement for Black Lives Policy Table for a webinar about Reparations. Decades of work by organizers and communities members is finally changing the conversation around the need for reparations. This webinar will be an opportunity to learn more about the long history of organizing for reparations and what reparations at the federal and local level should look like. We also will be previewing an upcoming toolkit authored by groups on the Movement for Black Lives Policy Table, including Law for Black Lives. The toolkit will provide local organizers with concrete tools and case studies to support their fight  to win reparations. The webinar will be held on Juneteenth (Wednesday, June 19th) at 7est.