2019 L4BL Summer School: Criminalizing Protests

Law for Black Lives and our partner Law for Black Lives D.C. co-hosted the final installment of our 2019 Summer School webinar series. The final webinar was focused on Criminalizing Protest and explored the historical and current iterations of attempts by the state to stifle movements by criminalizing protest.

2019 L4BL Summer School: Buying Back the Block


2019 L4BL Summer School: Reparations and the Law


L4BL’s Winter Webinar Series: New Year, Who Dis? Exploring Our Political Grounding

Law for Black Lives and Liberation Road co-hosted a webinar on Anti-Capitalism and how to apply this lens to organizing and lawyering practices.


Law for Black Lives and Critical Resistance co-hosted a webinar on the introduction to the fundamental principles and politics of abolition and how you can apply these principles to your legal work.

Resources on Abolition:

Law for Black Lives and Black Youth Project 100 (BYP100) co-hosted a webinar on Black Queer Feminism and its implications for law and organizing. The Webinar is the first installment of Law for Black Lives three part series focused on grounding our work and practices in our politics.
On Monday, February 11, 2019 L4BL and the Black Lawyers Economic Solidarity Network hosted a webinar on Lawyering in the Solidarity Economy: Supporting Economic Democracy in Black Communities. Webinar panelists will provide examples from their work to demonstrate the connections between black communities, transactional lawyering, cooperatives, community land trusts and the solidarity economy.

L4BL’s 2018 Fall Webinar Series: Fall Into Freedom

This webinar features community organizers and law students who provided research for community based organizations across the country working to end money bail, develop land co-ops, and create entrepreneurship opportunities for formerly incarcerated people.
This webinar will explore the challenges and opportunities of the current electoral justice movement. We will speak with organizers, academics and practitioners working on issues of electoral justice. The webinar will begin by exploring the systemic obstacles that make electoral victory a challenge and the ways the system has been "rigged" against the impact of our movements.

L4BL’s 2018 Summer Webinar Series: This is America

The webinar will focus on how lawyers, legal workers and advocates can support our community members who are currently and formerly incarcerated. In honor of Black August we will begin with a grounding in the history of how lawyers and legal workers have supported our political prisoners throughout the Black Liberation Struggle. We then will speak with formerly incarcerated legal workers and the organizers of the National Prison Strike to discuss how lawyers and legal workers on the outside can support the movement work of our incarcerated family today! We also will hear from incredible advocates who have built bridges from jails and prisons back to our communities to create powerful advocacy campaigns.

Abolition has been a foundational demand of Black Liberation movements since slavery. Organizers across the country have rallied around the idea that the current criminal, legal and immigration systems are insufficient. They insist that abolition and reimagining of these systems is necessary to achieve liberation, equity and dignity for all.

L4BL's 2017 October Webinar: Reproductive Justice 


Emergency Webinar: Best Practices for Providing Legal Support to Protesters 

L4BL's August Webinar: Participatory Defense & Democratizing Access to the Criminal Justice System 


L4BL's July Webinar: A Deep Dive into the Freedom to Thrive Report and Invest/Divest Campaigns 

L4BL's May Webinar: Bailouts & Bail Reform: Debrief of Mama’s Bailout and How We End Money Bail


L4BL's April Webinar: Discussion of policing and consent decrees under Sessions' DOJ

Discussion of consent decrees under the Session/Trump administration. Also discussed the history of policing, and the impact of Session's memo on our communities.


L4BL'S March Webinar: Discussion on the History of Lawyering during Social Justice Movements with Soffiyah Elijah. 

(Interview begins at the 28:00 mark)

Partial recording of L4BL's first national webinar for 2017. L4BL connected with lawyers, legal workers, and law students to build community and discuss how the legal community can support advocacy efforts. The webinar covered the legal implications of the current administration's executive orders, the role of the legal community in times of resistance, and the work that lawyers are currently doing on the ground.