The Project 

The DC Movement Lawyer Project is creating space for movement lawyers, law students and legal workers, aspiring and otherwise, to be trained in support of the Movement 4 Black Lives DC (M4BL-DC). Currently, L4BL-DC serves as legal advisors in relationship to M4BL-DC to strengthen their influence and their legislative agenda. This project will further the development of L4BL-DC's infrastructure, membership and provision of direct legal support of the M4BL Black-led organizations.

Jennifer Ubiera

Jennifer Ubiera is a native Miamian, attorney, actress, and activist who believes in bringing your whole self to the work that you love. She works to use the law to support the power of the people to lead progress in our world community. After the slaying of Trayvon Martin minutes from her law school campus, she became activated around using the law to further social progress through political education, mentoring and raising awareness around youth issues. Upon returning home to Miami, she joined Dream Defenders organizing in Opa-Locka, FL and is currently supporting the mission of Law 4 Black Lives DC in the Movement 4 Black Lives DC Coalition. Follow Jenn on Twitter @JenniferUbiera.