The Project 

The Legal Move (TLM) is a mobile video platform for Black people to both teach and learn about the law while building strategies for an alternative legal system, rooted in our liberation and justice. TLM creates and shares short videos by lawyers, jailhouse lawyers, and law students explaining, in plain language, U.S. laws that impact our community the most. Alongside these explanations are curated short videos by members of the Black community sharing their lived experiences and lessons learned while interacting with these same laws.

Danielle Coleman

Danielle Coleman, also known as Blacktavist, is passionate about the intersection of entrepreneurship, technology, black feminism, and movement lawyering throughout the Black diaspora. During and after graduating from Dartmouth College '12, Blacktavist worked in and traveled to over 15 countries, where her fluency in French and Portuguese were beneficial to her extensive organizing work in Cape Town, South Africa, and Paris. Through her wanderlust and desire to experience various fields, Blacktavist was a paralegal and SEO Law Fellow Summer Associate at two international law firms, worked as the special assistant to the chief counsel of the Democratic National Convention Committee, interned at the ACLU and Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, and worked at a NY-based venture fund. While at the University of Michigan Law School, Blacktavist plans to develop writing on queer black feminism and the law while working on issues affecting the Black community through innovative movement lawyering. Follow Danielle on Twitter @Blacktavist.